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Paws and Whiskers is a book with extracts of dog and cat related stories chosen by Wikipedia:Jacqueline Wilson. It includes stories from Wikipedia:Enid Blyton, Wikipedia:Michael Morpurgo and many others. Jacqueline has also written her own short story, Wikipedia:Leonie's Pet Cat.

Extracts from the bookEdit

Wikipedia:Catwings by Wikipedia:Ursula K. Le Guin

The Daydreamer by Wikipedia:Ian McEwan

Wikipedia:Ice Lolly by Wikipedia:Jean Ure

Wikipedia:The Theater Cat by Wikipedia:Noel Streatfeild

Wikipedia:Through the Looking Glass by Wikipedia:Lewis Carroll

Wikipedia:Gobbolino the Witch's Cat by Wikipedia:Ursula Moray Williams

Wikipedia:The Cat that Walked by Himself by Wikipedia:Rudyard Kipling

Wikipedia:Orlando's Invisible Pyjamas by Wikipedia:Kathleen Hale

Wikipedia:Soffrona and Her Cat Muff by Wikipedia:Mary Martha Sherwood

Wikipedia:Varjak Paw by Wikipedia:S.F Said

Wikipedia:The Diary of a Killer Cat by Wikipedia:Anne Fine

Wikipedia:The Incredible Journey by Wikipedia:Sheila Burnford

Wikipedia:Osbert by Wikipedia:Noel Streatfeild

Wikipedia:A Dog So Small by Wikipedia:Phillippa Pearce

Wikipedia:The Accidental Tourist by Wikipedia:Anne Tyler

Wikipedia:Love That Dog by Wikipedia:Sharon Creech

Wikipedia:The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Wikipedia:Dodie Smith

Wikipedia:Just William by Wikipedia:Richmal Crompton

Wikipedia:Born to Run by Wikipedia:Michael Morpurgo

Wikipedia:David Copperfield by Wikipedia:Charles Dickens

Wikipedia:Shadow, the Sheep-Dog by Wikipedia:Enid Blyton

Wikipedia:The Kinfe of Never Letting Go by Wikipedia:Patrick Ness

Wikipedia:Because of Winn-Dixie by Wikipedia:Kate DiCamillo

Wikipedia:The Werepuppy by Wikipedia:Jacqueline Wilson


Pets's Corner is where famous authors (such as Wikipedia:Horrid Henry's Wikipedia:Francesca Simon and Wikipedia:The Magic Faraway Tree's Wikipedia:Enid Blyton)talk about their pets.

Title of Article Name (author) Name (pet) Breed Dog or Cat
Tuffy Wikipedia:Anne Fine Tuffy Unknown Cat (featured in The Diary of a Killer Cat)
Our Dogs Wikipedia:Philip Pullman Daisy, Hoagy and Nellie Two Wikipedia:Pugs and one Wikipedia:Lurcher Dogs
Pekingese Wikipedia:Rumer Godden Piers Wikipedia:Pekingese Dog
Mimi's Day Wikipedia:Adéle Geras Mimi (Meems) Wikipedia:Tabby Cat
Pets I Have Had Wikipedia:Enid BlytonBobs, (dog) Sandy (dog),many nameless puppies (last one was Topsy), Lassie (dog), Laddie (dog) Bimbo (dog) and Rufus (cat) Wikipedia:Fox Terrier, Wikipedia:Cocker Spaniel and Wikipedia:Tabby. Dogs and Cats
My Pets Wikipedia:Michael Morpurgo Prynne, Puck, Katie and her puppies, Arthur, Hal and Galadriel, Sophie and Bercelet, Snug and Bottom,Mini, Simpson and Leo Prynne, (Wikipedia:retriever-cross-Labrador) Puck (Wikipedia:Shetland sheepdog Katie (Wikipedia:Irish settler) Sophie (Wikipedia:English settler) Cats and Dogs
Dog Memory Wikipedia:Malorie Blackman Taquis (deceased) Wikipedia:German Shepard Dog
My Animal Friends Wikipedia:Dick King-Smith Anna, Dodo and Elsie Wikipedia:Dachshunds Dog
Cats Wikipedia:Joan Aiken Gracchus, Hamlet and Darwin One Wikipedia:Tabby, others unknown Cat
Shanti Wikipedia:Francesca Simon Shanti Wikipedia:Tibetan Dog
My Pets Wikipedia:Jean Ure Thomas, Titch, Bella, (cats), Dolly, Daisy, Minnie, Gertie, Benny, Sasha. Wikipedia:Fox Terrier, Wikipedia:Tabby, Wikipedia:Mongrel, Jack Russell, Wikipedia:Norfolk Terrier, Wikipedia:Springer Spaniel, Wikipedia:German Shepard-Collie Cats and Dogs

Views and CommentsEdit

CBBC has done a book club report on it, quoting it as a "brilliant read". People have been allowed to comment on the book report (written by Wikipedia:Katie Thistleton) and so far there has been over 300 comments. The Guardian newspaper has quoted on it as well. However, Kat Winter (the author of the novel) has given it an 8.5 out of ten, commenting on the fact "the stories were too short, she wanted to find out more.


For every copy of Paws and Whiskers sold, a small amount will go to the Wikipedia:Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. It is also the place Jacqueline got her cats, Jacob and Lily. Battersea Dogs and Cats are a animal Wikipedia:charity who specialise in abandoned cats and dogs and look for foster, or permanent, owners. They also tour around different schools, showing them about animals. They also arrived at Jacqueline's book signing event for Paws and Whiskers.

See also

1. Wikipedia:Dogs Trust

2.Wikipedia:RSPCA 3.Wikipedia:Blue Cross


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