an Australian who claimed that he was abducted by aliens during 1992 and punctured with a needle. He also gave several lectures on his abduction experiences and published the same. He claimed he was contacted by aliens and formed UFOESA to spread awareness about UFOs, for which he is the president and under this forum, he discussed his experiences with number of professionals.

Alien contact  Peter Khoury claimed that he experienced several contacts with aliens. His first experience was on 12 July 1988 and he claimed that one alien looking thin yellow being inserted a needle like object into his head making an injury and he also claimed that he had telepathic like contacts with aliens. 

Alien hair foud Peter Khoury also claimed that he recovered two thin strange hair on 23 July 1992 when two alien looking women contacted him and the hair was tested with DNA analysis, which confirmed that the hair contained rare Chinese type DNA.

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