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Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) is a small company in Madison, Wisconsin, with products used for neutron generation, ion sources, proton generators, voltage sources and medical isotopes.[1] The company was founded in 2005, by Greg Piefer to find commercial applications for inertial electrostatic confinement fusion devices such as the fusor.

The company has held contracts with the Army, the Department of Energy, and the Air Force. It has the technology to produce 3X10^11 neutrons per second with the deuterium-deuterium fusion reaction.[2] In collaboration with SHINE medical technologies the company plans to open a facility for the mass production of Mo-99 a isotope used for medical care. Unsing the process developed by PNL, SHINE is one of four commercial entities that the US DOE and National Nuclear Security Administration have partnered with to establish a reliable domestic supply of Mo-99 produced without using highly enriched uranium (HEU). The Canadian National Research Universal reactor is currently world's largest single supplier of Mo-99, but it is planning to shutdown in 2016.[3]

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