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"Progressive rock and punk rock are as distanced as any music genres ever could be. Both have entirely opposite musical agendas (complexity vs simplicity, virtuosity vs. unskillfulness, structure vs. expressive freedom) which is why a fusion is impossible by definition. This is not surprising, seeing that punk rock was created as a reaction to progressive rock. Considering this, the genre of "progressive punk" is as ridiculous a genre as dance-metal, glam-grunge and experimental pop. Certainly, artists can be influenced by elements from both punk and prog but they do not represent a fusion of the genre."
"If progressive punk is a legitimate genre, I would like its proponents to provide an explanation of how the liberalism, low production values and simplicity of punk can be combined with the virtuosity, conservatism, high production values and complexity of prog without compromising the elements that define both genres."
"If progressive punk is a legitimate genre, it must have figureheads. Can any proponents of the genre's legitimacy provide examples of artists who carry all of the musical traits expected from progressive punk? Instead of merely having punk rock artists influenced by progressive rock or progressive rock artists influenced by punk rock, the artists themselves must possess a fusion so intimate that they can neither be called pure prog or pure punk."
"Artists may choose to adopt instrumental techniques and compositional practices used by both punk rockers as well as prog rockers, but if progressive punk is a legitimate genre, its proponents must demonstrate that the artists actually represent a fusion of the genre and not just stand as Wikipedia:experimental rock, Wikipedia:math rock, Wikipedia:post-punk, Wikipedia:art punk or others."
"If this genre can't explain itself, it has to be deleted."

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Progressive punk or pronk is musical style that combines punk rock (WP) and progressive rock. Bands such as Wikipedia:Cardiacs,[1] Wikipedia:Fucked Up[2] and Flit[3] have sometimes been labelled as progressive punk.

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