Project Hindsight is a translation project founded in 1993 to translate and interpret the surviving texts of the Western astrological tradition. The project is mainly supported by the astrological community through donations and through sales of translations and related material.

History Edit

The origin of Project Hindsight was a publishing company founded by Ellen Black, Clifford Martin, and Robert Schmidt in 1985 called The Golden Hind Press. The Golden Hind Press was originally devoted to the translation of relatively unfamiliar and/or obscure works in the history of mathematics, science, and logic.

In 1993 Project Hindsight was started by Robert Schmidt, Ellen Black, Robert Hand, and Robert Zoller in order to make primary source texts of the Western and Middle Eastern astrological traditions available in modern English translations. Initially the project was broad in its scope and a preliminary translation series was released in the mid-1990s which consisted of astrological works from several different traditions which were translated from Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.

The focus of the project has gradually shifted more toward the investigation of Hellenistic astrology in particular.

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