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Sergeant Ricky Clousing (born 1982) served as an interrogator in the Wikipedia:United States Army, in Company B of the 313th Military Intelligence Battalion of the Wikipedia:82nd Airborne Division. He served in Wikipedia:Iraq from December 2004 until April 2005 with the Wikipedia:325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, during which time he witnessed what he describes as "abuse of power ... without accountability". [1] He left his barracks in June 2005 in protest of the Iraq war and remained absent without leave until going public with his anti-war position in a press conference on August 11, 2006 and then turning himself over to Military Police at Wikipedia:Fort Lewis, WA.[2] He is a member of Wikipedia:Iraq Veterans Against the War.[3]

Clousing's court-martial was held October 12, 2006. He was sentenced to 11 months in confinement for going Wikipedia:AWOL, but served 3 due to a pretrial agreement in which he pled guilty to the charges.[4] He was also demoted to the rank of private, lost two-thirds of his pay for three months, and received a bad conduct discharge.[5] He served his sentence at Wikipedia:Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and returned home on December 23, 2006.

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