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Rob Brezny
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Brezsny has been one of the most influential astrology writers in some generations. His horoscopes broke the mold on the dry predictions of most writers, bringing a literate quality to the work, engaging readers in narrative, and taking a more creative approach to astrology writing than nearly anyone before him. He is the first well-known horoscope writer to enter the column in the first person, giving personal impressions of both astrology and life, telling stories and quoting many other writers. He encourages reader participation and has fierce loyalty of both his readers and the editors who publish him. This combination of factors has made him an enduring institution among horoscope writers. The leading British horoscope writer Jonathan Cainer credited Brezsny with being the exclusive inspiration for his beginning his own column in the mid 1980s, saying in a recent interview with Eric Francis that Brezsny was the first person who showed him that a horoscope could be done intelligently.[1]

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