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Roy Stuart[1] (born 25 October 1955)[2] is an American Wikipedia:photographer and Wikipedia:film director[3][4][5] who lives in Wikipedia:Paris. His photographs blend Wikipedia:glamour photography and Wikipedia:contemporary art[4] with an emphasis on female models[5]. His photography books have been published by Wikipedia:Taschen, the first three volumes of which sold 250,000 copies.[3][4] He has directed the movies Giulia and The Lost Door.[5]

Life and workEdit

Stuart lived in New York in the late 1970s and early 1980s,[6] working as an actor (he plays a soldier in the street in Wikipedia:The Godfather Part II), musician and in a colour photo lab.[3] He moved to London where he became a photographer.[3]

Philippe Garnier, writing in Wikipedia:Libération in 2002 said of Stuart's publications by Taschen, "Roy Stuart is quickly becoming a locomotive for this atypical editor."[n 1][3]



  • Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories: Part 1 - Julia (1999). Directed by Stuart, Francesco Dominedò and Stefano Soli. Produced / sponsored by Wikipedia:Tinto Brass and produced by Giuseppe Colombo. 108 min.
  • Julia (II) = Giulia (II) (1999). Directed by Stuart. Written by Stuart and Joseph Simas. Produced by Giuseppe Colombo. 85 min.
  • The Lost Door (2008). Directed by Stuart. Written by Stuart and Rémi Bohrt. Additional music by Wikipedia:Gary Lucas.


The original WP article claimed his work had an emphasis on Wikipedia:BDSM aesthetics, but this is not only unsourced to an expert, but not evident in an admittedly light perusal of his work.

  1. The original in French is "Roy Stuart est bien vite devenu une locomotive pour cet éditeur atypique"


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