The Solar Cup is a eco-boating competition in Temecula, California. Paid for by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and taking place on Lake Skinner, the competition revolves around high school teams constructing solar powered electric boats. Boats are built from identical kits of marine-caliber wood provided by the water district, and are generally 16 feet long,and weigh about 250 pounds. The competition is inspired by the Solar Splash competition at university level.[1]

Solar Cup begins with sign up in December, and includes a boat-building event and several workshops focusing on technical aspects such as drive trains, electrical systems, solar power collection and steering systems. Teams are also required to meet deadlines for submitting illustrated reports on these systems. In 2007 the competition was split between "veteran" (returning) and "rookie" (new) teams. The competition is a scored event, divided up into several categories: Technical Reports, Workshops, Visual Displays, Qualifying Times, Endurance Distance, and Sprint Times. Combined, all of these categories add up for a 1000 maximum possible points. Overall, 41 teams competed in 2007, and 36 teams competed in 2010.[2][3]

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Past MWD Solar Cup winners
2003 Canyon High School
2004 Canyon High School
2005 Canyon High School
2006 Diamond Bar High School
2007 Diamond Bar High School (veteran)
Duarte High School (rookie)

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Northern California Solar Regatta, a solar powered electric boat design and build competition open to middle and high school teams and inspired by the Solar Cup

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