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The Super-Cycle is a fictional device from Wikipedia:DC Comics, created by Wikipedia:Jack Kirby for his Fourth World series The Wikipedia:Forever People. Decades after, it was appeared another Super-Cycle in 1990's Wikipedia:Young Justice series.


The Super-Cycle is a piece of quasi-living Wikipedia:New Genesis technology; it resembles a small three-wheeled car, rather than a motorcycle, and can carry several passengers. Despite having an open top, it can travel at Wikipedia:supersonic speeds (on the ground or by flying) without harm to its passengers using electrons; it can also turn itself and its passengers intangible.

Another Super-Cycle was discovered by Wikipedia:Young Justice[1] and was used as their mode of transportation for a time. The two cycles act irrationally at the same time. The Young Justice's one flees on its own, while the Wikipedia:Forever People's one has a transforming fit and almost kills Beautiful Dreamer. It is revealed that their erratic behavior was the result of a mating-cycle. The two cycles have their own equivalent of sex, which immediately results in the creation of a baby cycle named 'Kirby', in obvious honor of Jack Kirby. The Young Justice Super-Cycle returns to Earth with the team, while the Forever People's Cycle and the baby remain on New Genesis.

It is seen in the mini-series, Wikipedia:Death of the New Gods #4 (2008) outside the Forever People's headquarters. Wikipedia:Superman, Orion, and Wikipedia:Mister Miracle arrive at the building to investigate the deaths of multiple New Gods. They find the Forever People had been slain many weeks ago.

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  • The Super-Cycle makes its first animated appearance in the Young Justice animated series episode "Bereft." It first appears as a Sphere with artificial intelligence. After it is rescued by Superboy he adopts it as a pet. Sphere was revealed to be originally called the "New Genesphere" in the episode "Disordered" and had the ability to change into a flying advanced tricycle from New Genesis. It had several weapons that it could use and could program itself with technology from New Genesis.

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