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The UNRWA Reform Initiative (URI) was launched by The Center for Near East Policy Research, which has been conducting news investigations and producing films since 1987. Their current project is policy change at UNRWA, The United Nations Relief and Works Agency.[1][2] This follows longstanding calls for radical reform at UNRWA.[3]

It is understood that the Arab-Israeli conflict is no where near an end, however, The UNRWA Reform Initiative's objective is to put an end to the humanitarian crisis facing descendants of Arab refugees from 1948, who wallow in UNRWA refugee facilities under the notion they will "return" to villages from 1948 - which no longer exist.

UNRWA's schools educate over half a million students with the sentiment that they must fight to take back their villages and land, by arms of force, a full contradiction of UNRWA's slogan "Peace Starts Here".

Recently in the Gaza Strip during a regular inspection, 20 missiles were found in an UNRWA school,[4] making this the second account of weapons found in UNRWA operated schools. "'UNRWA schools were established to educate children in Gaza, but instead they are providing a hiding place for rockets meant to kill children in Israel,' said Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who also slammed the world body for returning the missiles found in UNRWA schools back to Hamas."

Yet another account of rockets were found in an UNRWA school in the Gaza Strip, making this the third account of weapons founds in UNRWA operated schools. Israel has repeatedly stated that it's been fired on from around UNRWA schools and considering UNRWA admits the presence of rockets in its facilities, it's hard to deny the Israeli claim. UNRWA, at a minimum, has been irresponsible in turning a blind eye to Hamas crimes.

The Center for Near East Policy's July 2013 documentary, Camp Jihad received attention from news agencies world wide, politicians and UNRWA itself. In summer camps near Nablus and in the Gaza strip, The Center's Palestinian TV crew captured UNRWA campers singing songs of martyrdom, UNRWA instructors describing Jew as "wolves" and UNRWA camp counselors leading campers in chants for the right to "return" to Israeli cities such as Haifa and Tel Aviv.

The United Nations cannot change UNRWA programs unassisted. UNRWA operates under assistance of 38 donor nations, who could use their financial power to request that UNRWA reforms their programs and curriculum to rightfully reflect their slogan of "Peace Starts Here" and start to put peace and reconciliation on their agenda.

In 2013, a total of $1,108,898,129 was donated to UNRWA. $294,023,401 of those 2013 donations were contributed by the United States.[5]

The agenda of URI is to petition legislators of all donor nations to ask that UNRWA funding be predicated on a change in UNRWA policy. In reality, every citizen of every donor nation can take the initiative to reform UNRWA, by asking each respective legislature to require that UNRWA; Not use textbooks or teachers that encourage children to engage in acts of war, stop support for designated foreign terrorist entities such as Hamas, cease promotion of the "right of return" through "armed struggle", and adopt internationally accepted UNHCR definitions of refugee status, and not to bequeath refugee status on descendants of refugees from 65 years ago.

The Center For Near East Policy Research will continue to dispatch experts in order to conduct high-profile briefings for legislators of nations that fund UNRWA, so that policy makers of these donor nations will become aware of the UNRWA war education curriculum and call for a reform.

UNRWA Reform Initiative's FindingsEdit

March, 2003 Special Report -Statistical data on UNRWA as of 2002, analysis, UNRWA policies, terror in the camps, conclusions.

October, 2003 Special Report: UNRWA Links to Terrorism -Overview of UNRWA, terrorism links, evidence, UNRWA attitudes and lack of action, denials and responsibilities, conclusions.

September, 2005 Special Report: A Hard Look At An Agency in Trouble -UNRWA inaction, denials, responsibilities and conclusions.

November, 2008 Special Report: Overview and Policy Critique UNRWA history, operational data, finances, rolls, mandate, policies and its’ effect on refugees, terror, political agenda and questionable practices.

March, 2009 Monograph Prepared for the European Parliament: UNRWA in Gaza & Terror Groups: The Connection Hamas domination of teachers unions in Gaza, UNRWA workers elections, officials support for armed struggle, teachers promote martyrdom, terror takeover of ‘Kutla’ youth clubs, ‘Islamic Jihad’ presence in UNRWA schools, and PLFP presence in UNRWA schools.

August, 2009 Special Report: UNRWA: Its Role in Gaza UNRWA’s position during the ‘Cast Lead’ war, Hamas connections, public statements by UNRWA, IDF and UNRWA.

2010 Documentary Film: For the Sake of Nakba Exposing the UNRWA policies promoting ‘right of return’ through armed struggle, a look at UNRWA schools, camps, educational policies and ‘Nakba Day’ activities. An interview with UNRWA spokesman, Chris Gunness.

April, 2010 The Incitement Report: Vol. I, Issue 4 Addresses the misrepresentations and incitement routinely found amongst UNRWA representatives.

July, 2010 The Incitement Report: Vol. I, Issue 5 Official Palestinian Authority incitement and slander against Israel. Official UNRWA incitement in the case of the flotilla ‘Mavi Marmara.”

December, 2010 Special Report: The Palestinian Refugees on the Day After Independence Implications of the ‘right of return.’

2010 Special Report: Official Policy Statements of UNRWA Officials: A Thorough Examination Statements from UNRWA officials.

2011 Documentary Film: Palestinian Refugee Policy: From Despair to Hope UNRWA educational policies, textbooks, comparing UNRWA to UNHCR, re-settling a Palestinian refugee family in Chile, UNRWA questionable policies, interviews with UNRWA staff and profiles of UNRWA students turned suicide killers. Highlighting the terror groups operating within UNRWA facilities.

May, 2011 Special Report: The Case for Reforming UNRWA UNRWA changing its tactics alluding to reform, activities of John Ging, operating policies and the right of return. Incitement and terror groups embedded in UNRWA, textbooks not recognizing Israel/the ‘other’, conclusions.

2011 Documentary Film: UNRWA Right of Return Summer Camp Summer camp activities in UNRWA camps, promoting the right of return. Interviews with staff and students.

July, 2011 Special Report: UNRWA Association with Hamas ‘Right of return’ radicalism in UNRWA camps and hamas takeover of UNRWA staff, schools and youth clubs.

August, 2011 Special Report: UNRWA’s Anti-Israel Bias Misrepresentation of situation in Gaza, promoting the flotilla, whitewashing of Hamas, new commissioner and his political stance and politicizing UNRWA.

2011 Comparative Chart: UNRWA vs. UNHCR Outlining the statistical data for UNRWA and the UNHCR.

September, 2011 Special Report: Teaching the Right of Return on UNRWA’s Schools Translations of text taken directly from Palestinian Authority schoolbooks used in UNRWA schools.

October, 2011 Special Report: UNRWA Schools in Gaza - A Greenhouse for Hamas Hamas infiltration of UNRWA teachers union and ‘Kutla’ youth clubs and a profile of several Hamas terrorists that came out of these schools.

2011 Book: Where Has All the Flour Gone A book on UNRWA authored by David Bedein, featuring the politicized policies of UNRWA and its’ role in stalling advancement and reconciliation in the region.

March, 2012 Special Report: UNRWA As a Violator of Human Rights Human rights implications and impact of UNRWA policies and practices.

March, 2012 Briefing at the Canadian Parliament: UNRWA Reform Initiative March 27, 2012: Presentations by David Bedein, Dr. Arnon Groiss and Jonathan D. Halevi.

2011-2013 Critiques of the Wexler Commission Study of Middle East School Books Consolidation of articles and reports on the flawed State Department commissioned ‘Wexler’ study of Palestinian Authority textbooks used in UNRWA schools.

2013 Documentary Film: Inside the UNRWA Classroom Inside the UNRWA classrooms, showing the educational programming for violent ‘right of return.’

2013 Documentary Film: Camp Jihad Filmed at UNRWA summer camps, interviews with staff and youth showing the promoting of a violent ‘right of return’ and hatred of Jews.

May, 2014 Book: Roadblock to Peace - How the UN Perpetuates the Arab-Israeli Conflict: UNRWA Policies Reconsidered Authored by David Bedein, outlining UNRWA’s policies and how they are perpetuating the Arab-Israeli wars.

2014 Special Report: UNRWA’s Problematic Educational Role in the Middle East Conflict Special report presented to donor nations that fund UNRWA, outlining fundamental principles of UNRWA educational policies.

May, 2014 Special Report: NGO Funders of UNRWA List of NGO’s that currently fund UNRWA.

May, 2014 Briefing at the United Nations: UNRWA Reform Initiative Participated in a briefing on May 19, 2014 entitled “UNRWA: Providing Humanitarian Relief or Prolonging the Palestinian Refugee Problem?” Held at the United Nations, organized by the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ).

May, 2014 Briefing at Capital Hill: UNRWA Reform Initiative Briefing on Capital Hill, Washington D.C. on May 21, 2014 entitled “A Briefing on Capital Hill with David Bedein: Is UNRWA Part of the Problem or Solution?”

UNRWA Reform: Articles and Reports from Other SourcesEdit

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Washington's Failure to Rein in UNRWA [9]

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Camp Jihad in the News Edit

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