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Symphonic techno (also known as symphonic acid) combines elements of electronic dance music such as techno, ambient, drum and bass with progressive rock, neo-classical music using classical orchestration techniques.

This term was originally coined by a Japanese composer AQi Fzono to describe the sound of his fifth album Cosmology (1998). In this album Fzono used various new and old synthesizers (WP), samplers, keyboards (including Wikipedia:pipe organs, Wikipedia:harpsichords), and theremin (WP), and portrayed the theme "transcend time and space". The Wikipedia:symphonic poem-like suite style that can be heard in some Wikipedia:progressive rock (especially Wikipedia:symphonic rock) albums was utilized from sheer necessity, but it actually gave birth to this revolutionary methodology. Even though "Wikipedia:techno music with Wikipedia:symphonic arrangement" had existed in the past, Cosmology by Wikipedia:AQi Fzono is thought to be the first of its kind that created a total Wikipedia:symphonic poem by adopting the suite-like style and associating all the songs organically.

In a broad sense, symphonic techno can be interpreted as the music that "combines Wikipedia:symphonic rock and Wikipedia:techno”, but according to Fzono, it is "hotchpotch of Wikipedia:Techno" that combines together and "synthesizes" many different musical elements using the Wikipedia:electronic musical instruments like synthesizer. This methodology can be found in the last installment of Wikipedia:symphobient Trilogy Cathedral by Wikipedia:AQi Fzono released in 1995.

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