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Tamer Shaaban (born November 2, 1988 in Buffalo, New York) is an Egyptian American filmmaker, writer, and actor. On January 25, 2011, he released a video montage onto the Internet showing the Egyptian people’s frustrations with the then-regime that sparked the revolution.[1] His first film, blocked in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, managed to receive over 2 million views.[2] It was featured in The Huffington Post,[1] went viral on Reddit,[3] YouTube (WP), and Facebook (WP), shown 1.2 million times by the end of January on YouTube[4] and shared more than 150,000 times on Facebook. He was named one of the "25 Most influential and powerful young people in the world" by YSA[5] which was announced in the Huffington Post[6] .

Education Edit

He graduated from Dhahran High School in Wikipedia:Dhahran, Wikipedia:Saudi Arabia in 2007 and went on to receive a BS in Computer Science from Wikipedia:Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2011.

He worked with Wikipedia:Sami Yusuf on his unofficial music video and also helped create the official video for Yusuf’s single “I’m Your Hope” in February 2011.[7]

Films Edit

Shaaban's movies have received awards at Wikipedia:Atlanta's Wikipedia:Campus MovieFest. Streetcorners won Best Drama at Wikipedia:Georgia Tech and continued to the South Regional Grand Finale in 2009[8]. The Whispers of Shaitan won Best Picture at Georgia Tech,[9] was selected to screen at the Atlanta Film festival,[10] and was selected to screen at the Wikipedia:Cannes Film Festival.[11] The film was also shared on Sami Yusuf’s blog to help spread the message of the film.[12]

His goal is to create films that can show life with more color, and he says that his life goal is to bridge the gap between the East and West believing that his films help catalyze the process.[13]

Videos and other work Edit

Shaaban spoke on CBC about his film, its role, and the uprising against former President Wikipedia:Hosni Mubarak at the end of January of that year.[4] His second video shows students from different nationalities showing their support for Egypt and was released January 30, 2012. The video was featured on Wikipedia:Al-Jazeera, was analyzed on Egypt’s national television, as well as many different blogs.

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Citations Edit

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