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Terence DuQuesne (December 26, 1942 – June 19, 2014) was a British classicist and Egyptologist, [1]


DuQuesne was born in Cambridge, England. He won scholarships to both Dulwich College and Oxford, and spoke five languages. In 1964 at the age of 22, he published his first major work: Catalogi Librorum Eroticorum: A Critical Bibliography Of Erotic Bibliographies And Book-Catalogues.

He went on to author or co-author more than a dozen books including Britain: An Unfree Country (with Edward Goodman), and (the same year) Illicit Drugs: Myth And Reality for the Libertarian Alliance, which was presented to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.[2]

His chosen field was Egyptology, to which he made major contributions, publishing under the auspices of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Because of his expertise he was asked to write the entry for imiut in the on-line UCLA Encyclopedia Of Egyptology.

DuQuesne founded Darengo Publications and co-founded the Yeats Club.[3]

DuQuesne died in a Croydon hospital after suffering a stroke at his Norbury home. A practising Pagan, he was given a Pagan funeral at All Saints Church, New Cross, London on June 19, 2014, and was cremated at Honor Oak Crematorium.


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