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The Singing Stone is a Wikipedia:novel by Wikipedia:O. R. Melling that follows a modern-day girl named Kay as she travels to Ireland and travels back to Bronze-Age Ireland.[1][2] She alongside Aherne of the Wikipedia:Tuatha De Danaan must find the lost treasures of the Wikipedia:Tuatha De Danaan to combat the upcoming invasion. The novel was first published in 1984.[3] It has sold over 25,000 copies.[4]

The book was shortlisted for the Ruth Schwartz Children's Book Award in 1987.[5][6]


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Reception Edit

Wikipedia:The Globe and Mail described it as "a lively adventure exhibiting more than a little ingenious sleight-of-mind magic."[7] The book was shortlisted for the Ruth Schwartz Children's Book Award

Reviewed in Wikipedia:Publishers Weekly 231 21 (May 29, 1987): 79; in CM : Wikipedia:Canadian Materials for Schools and Libraries 14 6 (Nov 1986): 270; in Wikipedia:Quill & Quire 52 10 (Oct 1986): 20; Wikipedia:Books in Canada 15 9 (Dec 1986): 18; and in Wikipedia:Canadian Children's Literature (1987): 71–72

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