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In Wikipedia:traditional Chinese medicine, a tiger penis (Chinese: 虎鞭) is said to have important therapeutic properties. However, modern science does not support the belief that the tiger penis (usually prepared as part of a dish) possesses any special potency. Furthermore, the demand for tiger parts exacerbates the endangered status of the tiger by providing a market for poachers. While the tiger penis is consumed in parts of Wikipedia:China and Wikipedia:Southeast Asia, particularly in Wikipedia:Laos and Wikipedia:Cambodia, its preparation is generally condemned by modern nations.[1]


The penis of a tiger when consumed is said to, although it does not, enhance male virility and is an Wikipedia:aphrodisiac.[2] In parts of southeast Asia it is seen as a treatment for Wikipedia:erectile dysfunction.[3] This has contributed to the poaching of tigers for their presumed benefits, the penis being just one of many of its assets.[2] As a result the tiger penis is usually sold on the black market in China.[2]

Medical studies conducted by scholars at the Wikipedia:University of New South Wales and the Wikipedia:University of Alaska claim that as Chinese are rapidly modernizing, more and more men are purchasing Wikipedia:Viagra instead of tiger penis to cure erectile dysfunction.[4] The researchers surveyed 256 Chinese men, aged 50 to 76, who sought treatment at a large TCM clinic in Wikipedia:Hong Kong over their methods to treat impotence.[4] Although the studies indicated that older men in China are finding Viagra a more effective stimulant, they also indicated that they still resort to traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of ailments such as Wikipedia:arthritis, Wikipedia:indigestion and Wikipedia:gout.[4]


The penis of a tiger, deer, turtle or bull is consumed in restaurants in parts of China and southeast Asia and is commonly offered as a soup delicacy.[5] People have been known to spend up to $5700 (£3000) on a particularly rare tiger penis dish, something that needed to be ordered months in advance.[2] A dried tiger penis is more commonly sold at around $2500 (£1300) in Singapore and Taiwan.[6] The penis can be taken in soup, ground in wine (tiger penis wine), or soaked in rice. One method of preparation, particularly in the Wikipedia:Mekong River Delta, is to place a dried tiger penis, with testicles still attached, into a bottle of French cognac or Chinese wine and let it soak for many weeks.[6] Then, as it matures, the preparer takes sips of the liquor every night.[6]

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