The Pentagon sent military radios, weapons, ammunition and riot control training material to Mexico before and during the crisis.

Six days before the massacre at Tlatelolco, both Echeverría and head of Federal Security (DFS) Wikipedia:Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios told the CIA that "the situation will be under complete control very shortly". The CIA station in Mexico City produced almost daily reports concerning developments within the university community and the Mexican government from July to October.

The Díaz Ordaz government "arranged" to have student leader Sócrates Campos Lemus accuse dissident PRI politicians such as Wikipedia:Carlos Madrazo of funding and orchestrating the student movement.

In October 2003, the role of the United States government in the massacre was publicized when the National Security Archive at Wikipedia:George Washington University published a series of records from the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI and the White House which were released in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.[1]


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