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Trip rock is a term used to describe a type of music characterized by a fusion of trip hop and rock genres, principally alternative rock. It may also have connections with new forms of (WP) or progressive music, or even post-rock. Musical groups like Gorillaz (WP) often mixed various styles of pop, rock, hip hop and Wikipedia:electronica, while other bands are trip hop bands that incorporate elements like guitar chords and a more rock-oriented songwriting.

"Trip rock" was also used by Dutch band The Gathering for describing their music since 1999, but as a "trippy" (WP) music with strong emotionality and melancholic mood, rather than rock influenced by trip hop.


With their album Wikipedia:Blue Lines, Wikipedia:Massive Attack are credited with creating the sub-genre Wikipedia:trip hop or The Bristol Sound which features a more meditational sound than hip-hop which they are associated with. A later album Mezzanine features "eerie atmospherics, fuzz-tone guitars, and a wealth of effects" on many tracks. They called their new approach to their rock music trip rock. Other trip hop bands, like Portishead, often used principally typical rock instruments to recreate their sounds.

Trip rock has also been used to describe groups like Wikipedia:Unkle who are a collaboration of musicians featuring trip-hop DJ's including Wikipedia:James Lavelle and also a leader in the development of U.S. trip-hop Wikipedia:DJ Shadow and rock musicians from various genres. Wikipedia:Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack also featured in the later works by the collaboration.

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