According to English comedian John Oliver, sister organization of the International House of Pancakes. It is likely that Oliver, who likes to pander to his US audience even more than US comedians do, eg referring to Americans' stupidity as "optimism" and regularly railing against perceived enemies of the US, is merely updating the nearly 100 year old criticism of the League of Nations (WP) as inoffensive with Alberto Gonzales' (WP) sneer of "quaint"-ness.

Which makes Oliver almost certainly unaware of just how accurate the comparison really is. Surely he has missed the fact that just as at IHOP Americans are encouraged to eat a pound of saturated fat along with two pounds of cholesterol in one sitting, but similarly, their seat on the UN Security Council enables Americans to do things that are not only bad for poor people in the rest of the world, but themselves as well.

That is, when the US is not busy doing things in the rest of the world that are bad for everyone, that the rest of the UN objects to. Like bombing Libya, or refusing, for the better part of the UN's history, to allow the Palestinians a state.

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