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thumb|150px|right|Depiction of one of the beings, according to the book La nouvelle vague des soucoupes volantes.

The Valensole UFO incident is an alleged UFO sighting and Wikipedia:close encounter on July 1, 1965, in a lavender field next to Wikipedia:Valensole in Wikipedia:Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Wikipedia:France by farmer Maurice Masse.

According to Masse, he encountered two small beings near a spherical vehicle that had landed in a nearby field. Masse claims that he was paralyzed when one of the beings pointed a tube-like object towards him. Masse said he watched the beings looking at plants and making grunting sounds until they returned to the vehicle and flew away. According to his wife, Masse said he received some kind of communication from the beings, considered his encounter "a spiritual experience", and looked upon the site as "hallowed ground" that "should be kept in his family forever".[1] UFOlogists consider Masse's claims significant and cite "landing gear impressions" found in the soil.[2]

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