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Voice to LED display signage Edit

A News ticker that displays (best overall) pre-written speeches or ideally, voice-to-text, so that anyone could be handed the microphone and their speech would be displayed. Given sufficient material, screens could be doubled, with one of the pairs showing the standard crawl of looped text, and another showing the middle of of the loop, or the other side, if visualizing the loop as a circle.

Three screens facing outward in a triangle would cover most angles of viewing. This would be six screens if the doubled version were used. A tripod at the bottom keeps it aloft with minimal exertion.

Then, just give each one to a person and spread them out to near the maximum radius. The microphone user can read their own speech, or read off the other people's tickers. The next furthest person can read the previous person's ticker and so on.

Find out the ideal cost to weight to numbers ratio required. More tickers cost more money, but so does size of each ticker. And of course weight must be considered so they are not too heavy to carry around.

So, these should be placed within reading range, the radius depending on the size and therefore visibility of the tickers.

The obvious drawback is that the voice to text software is notoriously bad, and needs to be worn in not unlike shoes.Voice-to-text glitches would be at least amusing, and overall comprehension should not be too much of a problem

A related drawback is the volume of noise at the event messing with the voice-to-text. This ironically calls for people around the person being asked to be quiet, rather than being asked to be noisy. Maybe there is some kind of shielded mic setup that could be used? It would have a cool appearance, masking the user kind of like an offroad motorcycle mask or could be covered with a bandanna.

Another small drawback is that it is unfamiliar tech, so people used to the People's Mic may resist somewhat

Construction and other means Edit

A group of three signs should be able to fold two ways.
Either end can fold sign-to-sign or back-to-back.
Ideally there should be a fastener that keeps them in equilateral triangle shape for easier attachment to the pole during setup, but this is optional
they need attachments on the back, a metal slide and tab would be good. Spring-loaded round button fasteners ideally
Signs each have two slides, one on each end, poles have three diagonal extenders, each with a T-junction with one tab on each end of the T crossbar
Materials- dunno
Design= make it better, someone

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