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"Spanish Caravan" is a song by Wikipedia:The Doors from the album Wikipedia:Waiting for the Sun released in 1968. Its basic Wikipedia:flamenco track is an established form of flamenco music known as Granadinas. The beginning riff was taken from Asturias (Leyenda), a classical piece of music by a Spanish composer Wikipedia:Isaac Albéniz (1860–1909). It also borrows a similar sounding riff from Malagueña.

Spanish Caravan, the phrase, has multiple meanings, not including what meaning may have been intended by Jim Morrison, or privately imagined. The phrase is commonly used as the title of a folk legend of the Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri Plains in America, about a Spanish military expedition that was overwhelmed by the very Indian tribes it had been sent to quell.[1][2]

The lyrics as a whole are redolent of the romantic theme of searching for beautiful and rich lands, typical i.e. for Wikipedia:George Byron. In Spanish Caravan the lyrical subject declares will to travel by a caravan to Portugal and Wikipedia:Andalusia in Spain where 'a treasure is waiting'. The means of transport suggest that the mysterious subject wants to be 'taken away' back to Europe from an African desert. However, there are also 'Wikipedia:galleons lost in the sea' mentioned. Of course, the treasure, the ship etc. could be a figure of something else.

In the Doors' performances the feeling of brutal lust or even desperation was especially underlined. The track was one of the important points of the Doors' concerts, sometimes included to the Wikipedia:Celebration of the Lizard series, famous for the theatre experiments accompanying.

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  2. [ Civil Government of the United States and the State of Missouri; and History] by Perry Scott Rader

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