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Whalecoast of the Western Cape

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The Western Cape’s Whalecoast is located an hour out of Wikipedia:Cape Town, Wikipedia:South Africa and is an internationally acclaimed stretch of coast for whale watching.Template:Citation needed During MAY -JULY each year, hundreds of whales leave the icy waters of the sub-Antarctic ocean to make their way to the warmer waters of the Cape. The most common species which arrives annually along the Whalecoast to mate is the Wikipedia:Southern Right Whale. At any given time over the whale season you will see many whales Wikipedia:lobtailing, breaching and splashing in the waves of the many bays along the coast.

Wikipedia:Hermanus, a town along the coast, was voted as the best land-based whale watching destination in the world. It also has two boat based whale watching operators. ( JUNE-NOV. ) Wikipedia:Hermanus even has a Wikipedia:whale festival in September when the whale season is at its peak.

Activities along the WhalecoastEdit

Apart from whale watching, other activities include wine tours, museums, shopping, craft markets, diving, hiking, bird watching and nature walks.

Towns along the WhalecoastEdit

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