Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are protected areas set aside for the conservation of wildlife and for recreational activities involving wildlife.

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In the U.S., WMAs exist in the following states:

Papua New GuineaEdit

In Wikipedia:Papua New Guinea a Wildlife Management Area is the simplest form of Wikipedia:protected area, that protects an area of land or water while retaining full power to landowners to manage their land. WMAs are managed by an elected committee formed of customary landowners.[12]

List of Wildlife Management Areas in PNG: (many of these are redlinks on WP)

Mount Bosavi area Edit

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Libano-Arisai Wildlife Management Area

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Three Wikipedia:Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) were launched by the Wikipedia:World Wide Fund for Nature in the Wikipedia:Mount Bosavi region; Libano-Arisai, Libano-Hose and Sulamesi Wildlife Management Areas on 25th October, 2006. The launching of all three WMA's was successful for the people of the Mount Bosavi, ans was led by WWF Protected Areas Officer, Ms. Saina Jeffrey and Bosavi landowners leaders, Patrick Pate and Oscar Otto Odaiyolo.

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