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Wind gas is hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water using excess electric power generated from wind energy (WP), thus enabling the storage of the excess energy. This process transforms the kinetic energy of the wind to chemical energy in the gas.[1]

Wind gas has the particular advantage of redressing the deficiencies that critics of wind power are quick to point out: that most wind power is produced in off-peak periods, and that production of wind energy intermittently ceases altogether. Storing excess energy in the form of hydrogen makes it available for peak periods and when the wind dies down.

Capacity of German gas network Edit

According to Wikipedia:Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft the German gas network has a capacity of 200 Terrawatt-hours (TWH) which would be sufficient to supply electric energy for several months.[2]

Windgas in Germany Edit

The utility company Greenpeace Energy announced selling windgas in Germany in late 2012.

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